Drug Interactions & What to Avoid

There are so​me pharma meds that do not interact well with medicinal cannabis, for example morphine and cortisone. Each body is different however, and each person reacts differently; and this is why it is vitally important for any patient to monitor themselves whilst on treatment protocol and when they start weaning themselves off their pharma meds.

Warfarin: THC and CBD increase Warfarin levels (Yamaori et al 2012).  Frequent cannabis use has been associated with increased INR. Patients need to monitor INR closely, at least twice a week, as the cannabis will increase the levels – this means that the patient will have to decrease the Warfarin dosages.

Alcohol may increase THC levels (Hartman 2015).

Theophylline: Smoked cannabis can decrease Theophylline levels (Stout and Cimino 2014).

In children treated with CBD for epilepsy, CBD increased Clobazam.

Beta Blockers: Medicinal cannabis to be introduced gently and slowly.

Kidney problems: Medicinal cannabis to be introduced gently and slowly.

Methotrexate: Is a form of chemotherapy causing more harm than good.

Statins: We recommend patients come off them straight away if cholesterol is not chronic. They are toxic and one of the worst pharmaceuticals for the body.

Blood Pressure/Cholesterol: THC regulates BP and Cholesterol. Patients to closely monitor their levels and adjust meds accordingly.

Ritalin/Concerta: Takes 74 years to leave the body!

Steroids & Cortisone: Takes 6 months to get out of the body!

Cannabinoids do NOT like Morphine! Patient not to take FECO until weaned off Morphine.

Either stop and replace with a high cannabinoid dosage, or start low dosage and wean up to replace the morphine.

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