Please be aware that in some countries cannabis products are still illegal.

While we do not sell or trade in any products ourselves we can put you in touch

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We cannot run Clinical Trials but we do collect patient data and results for Research purposes, to determine what works effectively for Natural Healing.

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THCV: An Emerging Cannabinoid

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‘Runner’s high’ may result from molecules called cannabinoids

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Cannabinoids may prevent infection with SARS-CoV-2

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33 Health Benefits of Cannabis

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How Can Pregnant Women Benefit By Taking CBD?

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Chronic Skin Conditions


81 Year old lady, suffering from congestive heart failure. The heart failure and medication causes blistering of the skin on extremities. She tried different ointments and lotions, to no avail. She used Cannabalm for 10 days and the blisters were resolved. She continues to use it on her legs, hands and face to keep the blisters under control.








Arthritis in Dogs

Karolyn 06/07/2021:

“I’ve had our rescue on the canna pellets for almost 3 months now and the difference is remarkable.  She has arthritis in her spine, and every winter would need pain meds and anti-inflammatories.  Even with these she was still off-colour, arching her back and moving with difficulty – depending on the severity of the pain.  This year, 2 pellets pm & 1 pellet am, she is running around like a puppy.  One would never guess that she is the same dog.  Its also helped her reactive tendencies as well, although not as much as the arthritis.”


Tanja and Kerryn 21/02/2021:

“I have battled with my sleep for years. I am a very light sleeper and have insomnia. I cannot sleep without ear plugs as any noise will keep me awake. I have tried many over the counter supplements but never found one that really worked and taking sleeping pills is not an option.

My daughter Kerryn (22) was diagnosed with restless leg syndrome and for the past 11 years has been on Pexola. Even on medication, her sleep is not good quality sleep. Her cortisol production was also reversed, meaning she actually wanted to stay awake at night and sleep during the day. With supplements we have reversed this process.

I have always been one to try new things, anything to help both Kerryn and myself get better sleep.

I got CannaMed to work out a protocol for us. We have been taking CannaMed since August last year and it has been amazing. Kerryn sleeps a solid 8 hours a day now, and we hope to reduce the Pexola at some stage. It has always been my goal to get her off medication and rather give her natural supplements. I am also getting a good nights sleep with up to 2 hours deep sleep a night. Before using CannaMed I was getting about 10 to 20 mins deep sleep a night. I take CannaMed with me wherever I go because if I don’t take it, I know I will be awake during the night and feel terrible the next day.”


Ms Ndamane 02/11/2020:

“Hello Guys – I can’t wait to testify with CBD products. It was in July when I was introduced to CBD products; by then I was unable to walk properly due to osteoarthritis which was caused by finished cartilage, especially in my knees.

Doctors were scared to do a replacement because they were saying there would be some complications if they did the operation. I went to two specialists who told me that I must try some other things. I’ve been taking so many different products, but all was in vain until I met CannaMed.

My condition changed on the second month. On the third month I was free from bed.
I was unable to drive before, but on the second month I was driving… walking without a stick. I am three times better and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to use these CBD products.

I started by cleansing my system and then used Collagen, Moringa, CBD drops and CBD Plus.

They made a great difference.

Thanks once again.”

Fighting Pets

Tishina Naicker 15/10/2020:

“I have three pit bulls which are rescues. 2 Male puppies were constantly fighting & causing minor injuries to each other due to the female being on heat. Both the males were covered in lacerations and swollen paws, and were limping around the yard. Once I had administrated 2 pellets, within 35mins both males were at ease, mellow and able to walk around without any severe limping. Cuts are healing and drying out very nicely as well. They are being administered 2 pellets every morning and it is working like a charm on both my boys!”


Tasnim Patel 21/09/2020:

“I’ve been curious about exploring CBD for fibromyalgia for a few years now. The opportunity arose in April this year when I was faced with a major flare up that lasted an entire month. I doubled my meds, increased my supplements, tried IV drips, injections etc and nothing said hello.
Over 6 weeks of chronic fatigue and debilitating pain led me to take off work for a month to re-invest in my health. I started by dealing with the cause of the trauma, exercising, nutrition, sleep and regular massage.
My therapist introduced me to the CannaMed brand of CBD capsules and I have never looked back. I’m now off most of my chronic medication for fibromyalgia. I still battle with chronic fatigue occasionally and I have to check my iron and vitamin D levels frequently. Honey and kulanji in warm water before bed assists with the adrenal fatigue as well as ABC juice and exercise.
For me, just not having to worry about the effects of chronic medication on my kidneys is a huge relief.
I tried other brands of CBD but only the CannaMed range agreed with me. Not to mention that it’s a registered company and offers great support.”

Headaches, Insomnia, Anxiety & Stress

March 2020:

“I started the cannabinoid treatment Protocol 2 months ago (CBD Plus Capsules for the evenings and CBD Tincture for during the day). For added health, I have also been taking Moringa, Ashwaganda, Burdock, Gelatine, Diatomaceous Earth and Ginger & Garlic.

I have suffered from chronic headaches for over 40 years – no more headaches now! I have suffered from insomnianot a problem anymore! I also suffered from anxiety and stress – yes I still stress (I am the stress queen 🙂 ), but previously I would stress myself into a hole whereas now if I stress, it is quick and over and done with!

On Sunday 8th March 2020, I cut open my finger with a brand new knife; down to the bone and needed stitches. It was bleeding profusely and going for stitches was not an option at the time. I applied CBD Oil (the CBD Oral Spray was all I had on me at the time). The bleeding stopped! I then started applying Canna Balm and over a few days, what was a deep cut, healed quickly to the appearance of a paper cut.

Your products are the best!

Brain Tumour

Me and my Brain Tumour

“I would like to thank Cade and Kerry for the incredible support they offered me when I was diagnosed with cancer this year – a brain tumour on my Pituitary gland – I was in ICU and High Care for over 4 months, without my capsules. I received radiation and it made me so ill that I nearly died from the effects of the horrible treatment.  I was discharged for a weekend and decided not to return to medical doctors. Best decision ever. I take the capsules and the tincture and have started healing beautifully.  My eyesight has almost returned to normal, am able to drive and work as well as teach and run my yoga studio again.  I am so grateful for the research and support that I have received from these wonderful and very knowledgeable team.

I am so grateful that I am alive and will not be returning to  medical doctors again. I am well, strong and do believe my tumour is shrinking. I can breathe again and have a new lease on life!

Thank you!!!”


Benjamin My Gran Baby Boy

“I have been blessed 2 months ago with a beautiful Grand Baby Boy, who has severe colic. We started him on the CBD tincture and the results have been incredible. Little Benjamin sleeps peacefully now and Mum and Dad get to rest too!  I had my reservation about giving a new born cannabis… but WOW!”

Pain (Chronic)

April 2020 – “The oil was a “hit”, for my 84yr old gran that suffers from severe leg pains and poor blood circulation.

We have actually seen a total change in her mood due to now receiving the sleep she needs and not being plagued by pain during the night – her appetite is back, and she is in quite good spirits. It seems to have reversed her age by at least 10yrs!

The Canna Balm we applied to her legs that were being affected by the poor blood circulation; it has actually brought back the colour to her legs as well.

Very good products Sir.

My mom, being a typical skeptic, Indian parent, is now a true believer of CBD and would also like to try the products to aid with her hypertension and high blood pressure.

Will definitely order some products for her after the lockdown if possible.”

Skin Cancer

Norman, my Dads Skin Cancer

“A few years ago, my Dad came out in horrible skin cancer. I have been applying the Canna Balm to his head and it has all vanished. The doctors are quite taken aback and actually I have had orders from them personally for the Balm!  My Dad is 80 and his skin has never looked better!  He also suffers from Parkinson’s Disease and severe pain – suppositories are a quick go-to for relief within minutes, without the drowsiness and without having to go through the already old and compromised organs. They give him instant relief and he is really grateful for the relief they offer him.  The suppositories are wonderful to keep in the fridge for any emergency – from bites, headaches, pain, inflammation, fevers – you name it. I am never without my stock of suppositories which I use for both human and animal healing.

I have such gratitude to Cade, Kerry and their incredible team for all the love, support, healing, and friendship that they offer me. I am eternally grateful and will continue to share the incredible healing benefits of their products to all I meet!

With love, in joy and oceans of peace.”

Cancer in the left chest

Shirish Rummun (Olympic Finalist 1996)

“In December 2018 I was diagnosed with a tumour in the left chest

(equivalent to Breast cancer in Woman).

I was bullied into conventional treatment: Mastectomy / Chemo or Radiation.

On the spot I said since we doing one side let’s cut the other side off as prevention. I then asked myself, well if I’m pumping chemicals into my body to kill the bad cells, why do I still have to do the operation. The Doctors response was hilarious: “oh we follow European Law and Protocols”, and they also claimed it was “genetic”.

The BRACA test turned out Negative.

I then decided otherwise, took things into my own hands after researching alternative treatments – ended up with massive life style changes. Raw vegan diet, cut out sugar, meats, dairy and processed foods, did a 3 week water diet, started Ayurvedic medication from India and jumped onto Full Extract CBD Plus oil (medicinal cannabis).

Been on the Full Extract oil for a few months – started with a grain of rice and today it’s way more.

Everything just went into place… diabetes disappeared and markers went down. Now I just finished at a Bio Clinic in Switzerland and they discovered the cause is Heavy Metal toxicity / Pesticide toxicity which has made my NK Cells not work properly, opposed to the “genetic” lie.

In short the Full Extract CBD Plus held it all in place, contained it and got the remaining bad cells to die and disappear, as my Ultra Sounds and PET scans have been clear.”

Skin Care

Penelope Williams

“The face wash arrived quickly, was well-packaged, and works wonders. It doesn’t leave my face feeling oily or stripped. Some face washes leave a weird residue behind, but not this one!
I would like to add that I have been delighted with the results since using your products. I have suffered with sensitive and problem skin since my teenage years; a long time ago now! These products are beautiful to use and smell divine. They are also very different in texture to any other products I have used, but so far I have seen a big improvement in my skin and have not suffered any breakouts. It smells so natural and organic without any of those horrible nasties you find in commercial products. My skin just soaks it up feeling moisturized, soft and supple.
Thank you for creating such amazing skincare that is also environment-friendly.”

Dog Cancer

My Edy

“My Bull Terrier cross Staffy was diagnosed at 8 years old with cancer when I was honoured to meet up with Cade and his team, I started my boy on the doggy biscuits after the vets diagnosis was rather bleak and not very encouraging… I was devastated at the time, but was given so much support and informative advice from Cade, that I had nothing to lose and started him on his medicated pellets. Edy lived to be just over 13 this year!!!

In the end, he became frail and being a large very active breed, he began to slow down but was completely pain free… he developed a growth on his leg and I started treating it with the Canna Balm and then was encouraged by the very knowledgeable Kerry to move him onto the CBD Plus capsules… this enabled my Boy to live pain free and happily until his eyesight and hearing went and eventually his ripe old age could no longer support his body weight and his hips gave in… Edy had such a will to live and was so peaceful and happy, but I had to make that dreaded decision to have him put to rest… luckily I had my Stress Drops and Canna support to get me through the grief and heartache of losing another baby to cancer. Thank you Cade and Kerry and your team for giving Edy and I an extra 5 years of love and companionship!”

Colic in Horses

Copper our Rescue Horse

“So we have a rescue horse, Copper, and being involved in the equine community, we realised the devastating effect that colic in horses has, they die!. So I called Cade – he made us horse suppositories!!!  These are incredible and we keep them at the stables and have spread the word. The suppository stops the colic in its tracks and has saved every horse that we have assisted with the treatment!  Horses are expensive and we have even suggested the treatment for AHS (African Horse Sickness), successfully helping every single horse that started with the symptoms.

I can vouch for this product for pain – our boy was diagnosed with Kissing Spine and was deemed un-ridable and it was suggested by the vests to “put him down”. No way. My wonderfully gifted daughter worked with Cade and Kerry’s Canna products – it has been a slow process, but 4 months later, using the oil, he is being ridden again!  He has developed Sarcoid on his hock and we started applying the Canna Balm with turmeric directly onto the site – it is shrinking by the day!!!”