Cancer Support

Best System for Treating Cancer


Detox Fuel: ~ as per recipe twice daily (dosages can be varied).

This protocol lasts for three months, then you will go onto a special mix for the next three months.


Infused Drops: ~ 5 drops of infused twice daily ~ morning first thing and then lunch time (bottle lasts 3 months).


Capsule No. 5:~ for healing and slow release in the gut to be the transport system to get Cannabinoids into the entire body using the gut.


Pure Extract: ~ Quarter grain rice size at night to build the barriers for destroying cancer in the body. Patient can be on it on it for a while and can be increased to higher dosages. We also make a stronger version for pain.

The 3ml of full extract black oil to be taken quarter grain rice size under tongue before bedtime (no hot drinks afterwards). The oil needs to be kept in the fridge as it’s mixed with coconut oil.  The secret is that the coconut oil is the carrier and helps the body absorb it better. Note the thick tar sold normally is not able to be absorbed by body. Dosages will vary after been on treatment for a while, on results of bloods.


Jello Shots: ~ The cancer pack also comes with 5 Jello shots to be taken half a syringe before 11 till completion.  This helps the start of detox and is also needed if the patient has had Chemo or radiation.

The secret to healing is nutrition and testing PH levels in body. I strongly recommend a weekly urine test, buy a kit. The acidity needs to be low and alkalinity in body must be high and PH around the 7.4 mark. Eat foods that will keep these levels correct. Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline high body so Google recipes that is good for your blood type to assist in keeping these levels under control.

As all people are not the same we may vary the system to suite the body. But for 99 % of cancers this system has proven to work the best. After three months we would require full blood counts to see what strain change we need to make .

The secret that has proven itself is not to overdose the immune system as it will not function.  So we use small dosages at regular intervals. The main aim is not how much to take but how much the body can absorb. This system has proven itself in most cancers but as said above we may have to change certain protocol.

Another important criteria is that we need to know what meds you are on, dosages and when taken as this plays an important role in the way the system works.

Please note that when the cancer goes away, it is advisable to continue with a body conditioning system.



Written by Belinda du Preez, a colleague and friend of mine that beat cancer.





Eat any processed foods: as in anything ready to cook or eat! Including snacks, chips, sweets, bread etc. I made everything from scratch including bread. This way you can be almost certain that you aren’t consuming MSG and the E’s colourants and preservatives. That is to say, not even breakfast cereals like All Bran, Cornflakes etc.


Eat processed sugars: these will be in all processed foods anyway but there are hidden sugars to take in to account as well especially in herbs and spices. I used A.Vogel Herbamare and Trocomare plus loads of Tabasco when my mouth would allow it. Chemo destroys them little fast multiplying cells so the whole digestive tract takes a bashing hence pain, thrush, blisters. So, unfortunately sweets are a no-no but there are some fab sugar free boiled sweets on the market as well as options like Stevia if you want to make your own yummy stuff. Also, be mindful that artificial sweeteners are mostly poison as well therefore my choice was Stevia which comes in powder, liquid or tabs. There are natural sugars if you are an addict like dried fruit (unsulphered if possible). Dates were my go to when I had an inkling for sugar.


Eat vast amounts of red meat: This promotes acidity and hard on the digestion. If you are a meat eater then red meat once a week. Chicken and fish are fine, skin off.


Eat smoked or cured meats: This has been through a process so therefore falls under that category. That’s the bacon and frankfurters out the window as well as those delightful Vienna sausages our kiddies eat!!!


Eat any charred meat, chicken or fish: The black charring on our braai meat equals carcinogens. Sorry, not an option. If you must braai. Then the meat can be place on the grill in a pan or even better still on a Himalayan Salt block. The best, healthiest way to cook your food.


Drink alcohol: hard for some people but your body is going through enough without you putting more strain on it.


Drink fruit juices with added sugar or blends…100% natural only. And, of course, fizzy drinks are out of the question.


Eat or drink dairy products in excess. The usual amount in tea/coffee is fine but nothing out of the ordinary. Like double decker pizza’s. Dairy promotes mucous. Cancer loves it.


Cook with and eat margarine, only use butter.


Eat dodgy fish or seafood. They contain mercury and heavy metals especially the ground feeders like prawns or crayfish





Drink loads of water and infused water with ginger, lemon, cucumber, strawberries. Anything.


Eat at LEAST five vegetables every day. These can be eaten raw, steamed, blended, juiced or cooked in soups etc… BUT, not fried to death, gentle cooking only.


Juice!!! Or if not, eat lots of fruit to keep the metabolism going throughout the day when the appetite isn’t great. Wheatgrass, Barley grass, Baby Spinach, Micro greens, Kale the best for balancing the PH. Otherwise, a Green shake/Moringa into the juice or smoothie will do the job. Protein powder can also be added to a smoothie, especially if the appetite isn’t so hot.


Eat tons of salad. Those five vegetables and fruits can actually be made into a really yummy salad every day and the chicken can also be added to make it pretty.


Snack often. A handful of dates and nuts or even cranberries, goji berries are a winner.


Invest in sugar free/salt free/preservative free peanut butter. A lifesaver and awesome additive to smoothies.


Have herbal teas but coffee in moderation.


Eat free range eggs either daily or every second day. Just one or two because the body will want the protein.


Eat milled BLACK PEPPER in good amounts. The burny ingredient Piperine reduces cancer cell proliferation (especially in breast). It reduces the growth of breast cancer cells but doesn’t affect the growth of normal breast cells. It is also a source of Vit K, Vit C and manganese and increases the bioavailability of Selenium and Beta-Carotene.


Get used to making and eating Beetroot Gazpacho (I have an awesome recipe). Beetroot is a miracle plant. Contains Iron, Vit C, Calcium, Folic Acid, Fibre, Manganese, Potassium, Vit B’s. The Greens can be added to a juice for more of a vitamin uptake. I ate beetroot every single day, either as Gazpacho, steamed, grated into salad or juiced. Food in itself.


Add Turmeric and Cayenne into everything it can possibly go in to. Whacks the inflammation.


Eat small amounts of your local raw honey, but not in boiling water as it kills the natural antibiotics, allergens, Propolis.


Try and use glass instead of plastic wherever possible and avoid MICROWAVES!!


Invest in a really good multivitamin high in antioxidants… my favourite Metagenics Phytomulti or Solgar VM2000.


Lastly, get some Superfoods and start playing with smoothies. They are absolutely fantastic and will definitely help with immunity, energy levels, digestion, anxiety etc. Superfoods like Lucama is a natural sweetener for example with loads of nutrients and these just help put a little sunshine into those dreary days, which are bound to happen on occasion.


Personally, I do believe that this diet helped my body deal with the chemo/radiation and because you are eating wholesome food you actually feel well. I lost some weight but it wasn’t in an unhealthy way and I carried on with this regime way after the prescribed year. It cured me of sugar for one thing, I hardly ever eat it and I can taste the slightest bit if its added illegally. Yukky stuff!


You can take the time too, to Google some recipes or go to the Library, there are tons of healthy, yummy recipes available.


Moringa is also a great anti-oxidant.


A healthy gut is a healthy body.


A ph. balanced body is a cancer free body.