Petroleum or Hemp Economy?

As most of the world understands, the petroleum economy is in its final days. The damage it has done to the world is substantial. It is survivable only because it will soon be dismantled.

My recent interview with a major head of a giant petroleum conglomerate was eye-opening, heartful and revealing. In short he has sent out his minions to find the center of the hemp world for the purpose of taking it over. He plans to go from Big Oil to Big Hemp.

In the process of the takeover he will become a social and economic hero. He understands the implications of his role in this next step. He is truly a visionary. When I asked him what a person ought to invest in, he was quick to insist that anyone who wants to get on board this new bullet train to mindful profits, one ought to be the first to market with any and all items that support the hemp industry in any way.

“Your product could be as small as a hemp hat, briefcase, candle or tennis shoe or it could be an innovative way to make the hemp wood, plastic, hemp filters or hemp surfboards… Also any production machinery that can improve the production of the plant or provide a better way to use the fiber for clothing or the biomass for insulation ought to be advertised and available in the marketplace now.”

“Be first to market. Put your stuff out there into the face of the investors, manufacturers, farmers, and the crafts people who will be fabricating everything from shoes to plastic wrap and hemp-crete homes to biofuel, all from this amazing plant. Now is your time to get ahead of the curve. Tell people about it. Make sure people in the industry know you exist, that they know what you’re offering and how it works.”

When I asked him what the time frame is, he hinted that the lobbying to correct the current law was in process, the major financial arrangements were being made.

“It’s for the sake of the planet and the profits. Without the planet, there are no profits.”

He went on to tell me about the biodegradable “plastic” bottles that can just about save mankind single handedly. He spoke for an hour about acreage and yields and the rebirth of the American farm family. This crop grows in about 12 weeks and it can change every industry including papermaking!  When he was done he was slightly hoarse and he excused himself. He had to get up early to travel to a speaking engagement. We need a social and economic hero right about now.

Todd Andrews – A Visionary, Author, Poet, who believe in Human Transformation

Note from the Editor: This story happened in the realms of possibilities – in other words, ‘it could happen’! 

Source: Hempington Post

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