As we offer one of the best autoflowering strains, such as legendary Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue and our newer strain family members; Blue Dream´matic & Tangie’matic we thought our offer might be of interest for you. Our products, as one of the best genetics created in sunny California are present with all major distributors such as; Plantasour, Basil Bush, Tiger One, La Mota available for sale all over the world. Fast Buds Instagram with more then 65 K subscribers: Ranked Top Ten on Grow Diaries: Also, a good point with purchasing now: From now until July 1st Fast Buds will offer free, extra seeds in every order. Each three pack will include two additional seeds (3 + 2), while orders of five will get three bonus seeds (5 + 3). We can offer you 5% discount on your first order (minimum order: 500€ exc. VAT). Going further we offer the following discounts; 1000 € 15% 3000 € 20% 5000 € 25 % We also offer free shipping on all orders. We deliver from Barcelona  in 24-48h once the order is approved. The first order should be paid after receiving and checking our delivery and then, the following ones, would be within 30 days. You can count on our full support once you start supplying our seeds. We offer plenty of promotional campaigns with promotional seeds, gadgets, merchandise: stickers, t-shirts,pins and such.