Easy Grow Hydroponic Wholesale

Premium Quality Hydroponic Grow Supplies

Easy Grow have been supplying horticultural and hydroponic wholesale with high quality grow products since 2005, to over 30 countries worldwide. Priding ourselves on being providers of premium quality hydroponics growing supplies to our distributors. As an award winning exporter, Easy Grow have a UK Food Grade manufacturing standard second to none. If you’re looking for high quality hydroponics wholesale equipment, Easy Grow have what you’re looking for!

An Extensive Knowledge of Indoor Hydroponic Systems

We have a wide range of hydroponic products available for both the beginner and the expert gardener, whether you are growing outside or with an indoor growing system we have the gardening supplies you need; from hydroponic nutrients, hydroponic grow tents, light proof reflective foil and sheeting to the original and best odour neutraliser in the market – ONA. We have an extensive knowledge of indoor hydroponic systems and as a result will only stock the highest quality and innovative hydroponics wholesale supplies. If you have any questions then please get in touch.

Hydroponic Supplies with Purpose

All of our hydroponic grow products are original and we pride ourselves on only selecting the latest and beneficial growing technology. Since starting in the supply of foils and sheeting the company has grown into an international distributor, throughout Europe and North America and now stock a number of established, original and popular brands, as well as some exciting new products.

Along with our website @ WWW.EASY-GROW.CO.UK you can view our product catalogue with the provided link below.


If you require further information , please do not hesitate contacting us directly.



 New Garden System. The Smartest Way of Gardening

At New Garden System, we believe in an intelligent way of gardening. MyPot®’s own method is based on sustainability and is environmental friendly. A new, revolutionary concept of urban kitchen gardens for everyone.  Together we can make a friendlier and more ecological world in urban environments for everybody.


What can you get out of New Garden System? We offer you the possibility of bringing back the flavours, sensations and memories that are only possible when growing your own food.



Please visit our website www.mypot.eu/en and watch the following video to see how cannabis plants grow with our system

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