Capna Ethanol Extraction System

Our Ethos 6 extractor is capable of processing 5 kilos (11 pounds) of raw plant material every 40 minutes, or a total of 180 kilos (396 pounds) per 24 hours into pure cannabis oil with zero parts per million residual solvent and purity of greater than 99%, or it can also produce full spectrum concentrates like “Shatter and Live Resin”.

The price of the extractor itself is USD90,000.  For all the necessary equipment including extractor plus post-processing equipment, as well as training, the price is approximately 204K.

Below are the top benefits and features that make the Capna Ethanol Extraction System far superior to any butane, CO2 or other ethanol system in the world.  CO2 is too slow for industrial scale extraction, BHO is not allowed in many jurisdictions because of its reputation for being dangerous, and other ethanol systems do not measure up to the Capna system.

At the end you will find links to great demo videos, as well as equipment cut sheets.

Top Benefits & Features Capna Ethanol Extraction System

  1. Fast: The Capna system is the fastest extraction system in the industry with only 30 – 40 minutes per run.
  2. Efficient: The Capna system is the most efficient system in the industry in extracting cannabinoids. Average Efficiency:  Capna= 98.5%, Butane = 97%, CO2 = 75-80%
  3. Eliminates Winterization:  The Capna System eliminates winterization from the process because dewaxing occurs during extraction, which saves 48 hours in post-processing time and doubles overall production.  No other machine on the market eliminates winterization.  Therefore, any other similar size machine (regardless of type), would have half the production of our system.
  4. Safe: The Capna system is safer than CO2 and much safer than butane.  The Capna system is a pressure-less system. It creates no flammable vapor or aerosol.  The flash point for ethanol is above 55 degrees F (12.78 degrees C).  The Capna systems maintains a constant temperature of minus -50C to -80C.  You could drop a match directly into the ethanol, and it would not ignite at that low temperature.  CO2 uses high pressure of 5000 psi.  If the wrong screw is unscrewed by accident, it would shoot a lethal shot like a bullet.  Butane and propane are highly volatile.
  5. Simple: The Capna system the simplest and easiest system to use on the market.  Literally, anyone can be trained to be an extraction expert within a couple of hours on the Capna system.
  6. Full Spectrum Products:  Because the Capna systems operates under extreme cold, it preserves the terpenes that give cannabis its flavor and taste. Therefore, the Capna system is ideal for creating Shatter and Live Resin, which are normally associated with BHO.
  7. +99% Pure:  After refinement, Capna made products contain Zero PPM residual solvent, and purity of more than 99% after distillation.
  8. Harmless:  The FDA considers ethanol a harmless solvent.  Ethanol is used in thousands of foods, as well as over the counter and prescription medicines and other oral products. For example, it’s used in “alcohol free” beer and wine, whipping cream, ice-cream, candy, breads, syrups, soft-drinks, pizza dough, protein bars and many other foods for either preserving or flavoring.  It is also used in vitamins, cough syrups, suppressants, decongestants, antihistamines, sleeping aides, inhalers and many others.  Additionally, it is used oral products like mouth wash, sugarless gum, and others.
  9. Semi-Automatic Production: The Capna extractor is directly connected to the Rotary Evaporator, providing semi-automatic work flow that requires only three operators for the entire process, one for extraction and reduction, and two for distillation.
  10. Up to 97% Solvent Recovery:  85% of the solvent is recovered during the extraction process.  Most of the remaining solvent can be recovered during post-processing.  We’ll teach you the process during training.
  11. Eliminates Chlorophyll: The Capna system does not extract chlorophyll, which is normally associated with ethanol.  Our systems boast “a patent pending method”, which eliminates the chlorophyll problem.

Below you will find two links, the first is to a video that will give you a good overview of our system, the second will take you to a link with detailed demonstration videos showing how the system operates, plus our equipment cut sheets.

Capna Fabrication Overview Video:


Capna Extraction System Demo Videos & Equipment Cut Sheets:


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