Who is the Genius?


The creator of this amazing system is Trevor Parkinson


It was only a few years ago that this Bio-chemist with 4 different types of Cancer and Diabetes was sent home from Hospital to die…

Sorry – no money no more Hospital!


– Testicular
– Colon
– Twice in one lung
– Lymphatic


Type 1 Diabetes
Obesity – lost 40kgs



Trevor has been told countless times that he would die. He had 5 different cancers: testicular, colon, twice in one lung and lymphatic. He had numerous chemo and radiation treatments, which left him with chronic diseases. He was left in a wheelchair, with type 1 diabetes, diverticulitis, cholesterol, HBP and obesity. Eventually he was told to go home and get comfortable as there was nothing more anyone could do.


Trevor, being a manufacturer, a bio-chemist and an engineer, with an MBA, did not sit tight.  Knowing the healing qualities of the plant, he not only created his own machine to extract, he used his skills as a bio-chemist to isolate which cannabis plants would best help with cancer; not only to heal himself but many other people of many different diseases.


He’s travelled, studied and been working with cannabinoids, creating this incredible system for more than 20 years. Trevor shared with like-minded researchers in laboratories around the world and compiled the biggest data-bank of information to date.


Trevor didn’t get involved in this to make money.  He got involved in this to change his own life and the lives of others.


He has been doing this full time since 2012 (previously CEO for the Fairmont Group – he built the Fairmont hotel and the Royal Palm hotel).  Trevor is one very, kind, talented, potent and clever individual whose purpose is to help the people of the planet to heal.


Now with answers for over 2 000 illnesses he helps more people than you can imagine in many different countries. Trevor escaped from a horrible ending, found his passion in life and now helps others in the same position.


Trevor supplies us with over 72 products and is creating more every day.