Pain (Chronic)


May 2020 – “I have been on chronic pain medication for years! Since I started using Cannamed’s CBD Capsules I have managed to stop using my pharmaceutical chronic pain medication.”



April 2020 – “The oil was a “hit”, for my 84yr old gran that suffers from severe leg pains and poor blood circulation.


We have actually seen a total change in her mood due to now receiving the sleep she needs and not being plagued by pain during the night – her appetite is back, and she is in quite good spirits. It seems to have reversed her age by at least 10yrs!


The Canna Balm we applied to her legs that were being affected by the poor blood circulation; it has actually brought back the colour to her legs as well.


Very good products Sir.


My mom, being a typical skeptic, Indian parent, is now a true believer of CBD and would also like to try the products to aid with her hypertension and high blood pressure.


Will definitely order some products for her after the lockdown if possible.”



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