May 2020 – “I always had problems sleeping, I constantly used to have restless sleep. Ever since I have been using Cannamed’s capsules I have had full nights of uninterrupted restful sleep.”



“I started the cannabinoid treatment Protocol 2 months ago (CBD Plus Capsules for the evenings and CBD Tincture for during the day). For added health, I have also been taking Moringa, Ashwaganda, Burdock, Gelatine, Diatomaceous Earth and Ginger & Garlic.


I have suffered from chronic headaches for over 40 years – no more headaches now! I have suffered from insomnianot a problem anymore! I also suffered from anxiety and stress – yes I still stress (I am the stress queen 🙂 ), but previously I would stress myself into a hole whereas now if I stress, it is quick and over and done with!


On Sunday 8th March 2020, I cut open my finger with a brand new knife; down to the bone and needed stitches. It was bleeding profusely and going for stitches was not an option at the time. I applied CBD Oil (the CBD Oral Spray was all I had on me at the time). The bleeding stopped! I then started applying Canna Balm and over a few days, what was a deep cut, healed quickly to the appearance of a paper cut.


Your products are the best!