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19/08/2019. “Thank you for CANNABIS OIL RESEARCH. Adrian my husband has been on your protocol for just over 3 months and the change in his health, wellbeing, energy levels, vitality, etc is REMARKABLE!


No more constant inflammation, (‘toothache’, backache/pain) Gout attacks, Insomnia, Kidney stones, Fatigue, Sugar and Carb cravings. Adrian has energy, focus, stamina, Calmness, has lost over 10 kg, Controlled appetite.


We both use the Canna caps and can feel the healing taking place in our bodies while we sleep.


We are SOLD on the benefits, healing and well being your Cannabis protocol has kick-started! We will be your end-users for as long as we are based on this planet.


Keep up the research and improvements, as long as your focus remains on healing, the White Light and Universe has got your backs and will provide, protect and prosper you endlessly!


We are telling all those willing to listen with an open mind, all they need to do is look at photos of Adrian 6 months ago and the proof is RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR EYEBALLS… He looks and feels AMAZING!


Love you guys and gals xxx
Michelle & Adi van Vuuren”

02/08/2019. “I trust that this finds you well. Just to give you some feedback – it has been a month that I am on these fabulous products and I am seeing an immense difference in my health”

21/01/2019. “3 Months and 21 days ago I was using the following prescription medicine (and had been doing so for over 15 years):

Prexum Plus






The side effects were obviously not good but I only really realized how bad when I started weaning myself off the meds by using CANNABIS PRODUCTS by CANNABIS OIL RESEARCH. I am glad to say that I am COMPLETELY weaned off ALL prescription medicine and I feel great – BP normal, I sleep like a baby, no mood swings, cholesterol and sugar levels normal, no more bloated feeling in my stomach, the list just goes on and on. At nearly 59 years of age I feel like I have a new lease on life (ask my wife!) and the process of healing is not even over yet.


Whatever your medical condition do not waste one more day before you get your PROTOCOL from CANNABISOILRESEARCH to start your journey to a new and better you, toxins will disappear from your body and you will soon be writing your testimonial telling the world about CANNABIS PRODUCTS.


Hein Papenfus”