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Infused Canna Drops (30ml)

Canna Capsules (30's)

Full Extract Black Oil (3ml/5ml)

Detox Fuel (1000g)

Diabetic Fuel (1000g)

Canna Balm (50g)

Jello Shots (5ml)

Vape Mix (30ml)

Detox Fuel XS (1000g)

Ultimate Health Cancer Pack - UHP

Canna Balm XS/Chlorophyll (50g)

CBD Oils (30ml)

Vape Mix XS (30ml)

Diet Fuel (1000g)

Canna Pet (50g) - concentrate

Canna Pet (250g)

Canna Pet (1000g)

Canna Anti Aging (50g)

Canna Body Rub (1000g)

Massage Candle (120g)

Canna Face Mask (100ml)

Canna Lip Balm (10g)

Canna Soap (70g)

Canna Hair Mix (500g)

Protein Shot (36ml) - cappuccino

Protein Shot (36ml) - citrus