OrganiGROW is an Organic and 100% Natural plant enhancer used for the amelioration of soil or grow medium, stimulating overall plant health and growth.


OrganiGROW has the potential to be Nature’s very own Bio fertilizer and pesticide, add beneficial microbes, assist pH balance.


No fillers or additives and totally sustainable.


Our multi species Insect Chitlin is the “Secret” that makes OrganiGROW so unique and effective, far over and above the inherently well balanced NPK values, making it foolish to compare the NPK values only.


OrganiGROW is an excellent slow release organic fertilizer with the added advantage of being Chitlin rich, a naturally occurring polysaccharide found in the exoskeletons and droppings of insects.


It is only this immediately plant available source of Chitlin, which is full of beneficial microorganisms, that triggers
the plant’s IMMUNE SYSTEM to go into FULL ALERT, resulting in a strengthening of defenses from within the plant itself against pests and pathogens, exactly how nature intended.


This is why it is earning the reputation of being a natural pesticide in addition to being a fantastic natural fertilizer and plant feed.


Combined with the many varied methods of usage, eg: mixed into the soil or grow medium, sprinkled or broadcast on the surface (always water in well), used as a root drench and foliar spray for added protection against attacks upon roots and leaves, used in hydroponic systems as a tea, used for indoor and outdoor plants, fruit, veg, herbs, trees, lawns, flower beds etc, the applications are limitless.



Can be used to rehabilitate depleted soils.


OrganiGROW is a premium mix organic fertilizer produced from dried, sieved and blended multi species insect frass. Not comparable to simple worm castings.


Potential benefits of our Premier Insect Frass Mix:

  • Plant self vaccinates against Root Rot, root eating, Nematodesk Botrytis (Grey Mold), powdery Mildew, early & late Blight, overall plant Health & Growth stimulant, increases Carbon and Nitrogen uptake, adds Beneficial Microbes, increases bud and crop yield and much more.


Join the S.O.S. (Save our Soils) evolution


In Nature we trust, OrganiGROW


Introduction video HERE


For more details, please contact Tom Mc Murray 064 523 3247 or email


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