Informative Facebook Groups

Medical Cannabis Connections – This page will provide links to all Medical Cannabis Reports that we can find

Cure Your Own Cancer – CYOC strives to provide you with information about treating cancer naturally with cannabis oil, diet changes, exercise and other lifestyle changes

Marijuana Doctors – helps qualified patients locate & book appointments with real doctors willing to recommend marijuana as a medical treatment

Medical Marijuana Cure – We are a “weed conscious” community. There’s more to this plant than meets the eye

Medical Marijuana a New Beginning – On this Page we will be sharing information on how Medical Marijuana can help the common person with chronic disease or new onset illnesses

Alberta Medical Cannabis Partners – A non-profit organization of volunteer patients and caregivers lobbying provincial government for a provincial medical cannabis program under Section 56

Medical Marijuana – Cannabis Clinics – We provide Medical Marijuana patients with the highest level of care and an improved quality of life through the use of Cannabis as medicine

Leafly – The world’s largest cannabis resource. Empowering over 10 million patients and adult consumers per month

Medicinal Cannabis Oil – Australia – An information hub for Australians looking for help with Cannabis oil for medicinal purposes

Medicinal Cannabis for Australians – Medicinal Cannabis for Australians is a safe, family friendly place for people to gather and share information on Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis Workshops Australia – The workshops have proved very informative for members of the public who are now hearing more about the medical benefits of cannabis

Cannabis Is Medicine – Do you agree that Cannabis is Medicine?

Medicinal Cannabizz – Conditions that may benefit from cannabis : Multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, cancer, HIV/AIDS, severe arthritis, epilepsy, ADD/ADHD

British Medicinal Cannabis Campaign – This is a group dedicated to advancing the cause of medicinal cannabis in Britain

Medicinal Cannabis New Zealand – Educate : Regulate : Medicate – Information : Research : Assist

Medicinal Cannabis for ADHD – A discussion of treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) with medicinal cannabis and its extracts

Cannabis Oil Europe (Medicinal Use Only) – A non profit group to help people find alternative medicines/treatments including Cannabis Oil throughout Europe

Medicinal Cannabis Support Group – This group is for the purpose of those who are going through illness of any kind that Medicinal Cannabis has been known to either cure or significantly help. It is a support group for people that want to know more about Medicinal Cannabis or for those already using it that want to share their experiences

Medicinal Cannabis for Animals – This group is designed for the animal lover that wants to provide the best natural care, medication, and total well being for your pet. Medicinal Marijuana Strains, Cbd oils, pills, and Edibles are designed, and formulated for Animals too. Just ask your vet

Medicinal Cannabis Saves Lives! – This site is for us to share knowledge and info on Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis Society (Gibraltar) – We will provide the latest global news on legalisation, as well as studies and scholarly articles which show the efficacy of cannabis as a viable treatment, and in some cases, cure, for a multitude of diseases and ailments

Medical Marihuana [Medicinal Cannabis] – People Undivided For Medicinal Marihuana

Global Medicinal Cannabis Forum – This group is dedicated to all medicinal users around the world

Medicinal Cannabis Support for the sick & dying – QLD – We are a group of people who are advocating for Medicinal Marijuana

Medicinal Cannabis / Hemp NZ

Queensland Medicinal Cannabis Collective – QMCCwas created for information, direction and support for medical cannabis law reform

Australian Cannabis (Medicinal) – News, research and status of the legalization of this modern wonder plant

CannaRights Medicinal Cannabis Forum – Medicinal Cannabis Forum for discussion of medicinal preparations, their applications and results from their use

Medicinal Cannabis Newcomer Network – This is a support group for those of us that are fairly new to medical cannabis/marijuana and are gathering information to use and share

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