How Cannabinoids (CB’s) work

How Cannabinoids (CB’s) work

These are “Some of” the dis-eases that can be helped with the various types of Cannabinoids:


There are pages and pages of information to read and research if you wanted to, but I have met the people who extract these cannabinoids and I can confirm that this works far better than you can imagine. CB’s can help fix over 1 300 known diseases ……………………. So far

Let me explain it a simple way. You are born with CB’s – they are vital for your life. During your life the CB’s send signals from your brain to receptors in your body. Some medicines mask (instead of fixing the problem) diseases you may have and stop the CB’s getting through.

CB’s from plants work the same way – they INSTRUCT THE BRAIN as to the body’s needs and can over-ride old damage. Your cells get damaged through stress, trauma, accidents, medicines plus plus plus…… using CB’s the cells are stripped of disease and rebuilt to as they used to (and should) be.

If the cells are re-built then you can understand why CB’s can cure so many dis-eases – the dis-eased cells are rebuilt to their original condition.

5472 people have been cured of various diseases in clinical trials using Cannabis oil recently.

It’s the NATURAL way of healing.



More in depth explanation…


Cannabinoids (CB’s) are chemical compounds found in the human body and in the cannabis plant.

Each have health benefits for different parts of the body:


CBs are “Regulators” which are needed for the body to function properly.

These can be introduced into your body either by putting them under your tongue or feeding them through the digestive system to “Receptors” in your body.


What is a receptor?

Receptors are proteins that receive information and respond to them.  When cannabinoids attract to a receptor, they send a signal which allows a function to take place. (Such as a healing process)


These are the receptors in the brain:


These are the receptors in the body:


These are some of the common benefits: