Cannabis News for South Africa

Cannabis News for South Africa

While we wait patiently for Parliament to conclude the legalisation of Medical Cannabis, more and more back-street growers are jumping on the bandwagon. While there are some genuine people out there growing for the right reason, too many are growing for profit only and try to inbox our followers on Facebook to sell them sub-standard oil. If you are approached PLEASE let us know and we will ban them.

PRESENTATIONS will be held around the Country this month showing how Medical Cannabis works. Most people think that the “black oil” is the answer. Most people do NOT need black oil. It’s far too strong for most problems. If you would like to attend a presentation in your area, click HERE.

Another myth is that you will get “High” on the oil. You do NOT feel any goofed effects with “Medical” Cannabis – you need “Recreational” to do that.

Do you have any contacts overseas?  We are going to establish an Agent in each main city around the world to share information with. If you know someone please direct them HERE.

Have a great June.