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Suppliers of “All things Cannabis” join together to create SA’s first online SUPERMARKET


Lockdown has created a boom in working from home and this newly formed super-group now offers products from many top manufacturers.


It makes sense that instead of each manufacturer selling their own product, that we open an online SUPERMARKET where all can be advertised, and all South Africans can see what is available –  and get advice on Growing, Manufacturing, Hemp products, International sales, Offtake agreements plus the hundreds of other categories.


A Direct Sales Agent (DSA) is being appointed in EVERY area. They will be trained to give advice on all the products, with their customers ordering via the online SUPERMARKET.

Capital needed R1 950.  20% profit margin.


We also need to appoint a Sole Agent in each main area to look after and supply 10 or more DSA’s there.

Working capital needed is R49 000. There is a profit margin of 30% on average, and there is NO CHARGE for the Agency.



Next step is to complete one of the forms BELOW or contact me with any questions.





Chris Raffray

066 246 3958



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Cannabis Oil Research