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Detox, Diet and Diabetic Fuels 1000g

Breaks down toxins in the body

Lubricates the liver, kidneys & pancreas

Is acid-neutral

Excellent for immune conditions & gut issues

Micro dosing promotes the immune system


A.M before breakfast and P.M before dinner

Herbal tea of choice (no caffeine)

250ml hot water

Add: 2 slices ginger root (unpeeled)

          2 slices lemon

          2 slices cucumber


When the temp of the water is just below 70 deg, add 1 tsp detox/diet fuel (½ tsp for children)

When the temp of your water reaches 42-48 deg, add 1 tsp honey and drink

Drink at 48 deg for max effect, not less than 42 deg (you drink your average tea at 50 deg)

If possible eat the ginger, lemon & cucumber

Needs all ingredients to work

Good to add turmeric & cayenne pepper to the tea

Best not to keep it in the fridge

If you drink it too hot, it will give you a small ‘high’


Infused Canna Glycerine Oil (drops) 30ml

THC 9 strain mixed with glycerine

Fights and destroy toxins

Cleanses the blood and lymph

Restores positive energy

Rebuilds immune system

Boosts energy

Restores blood platelets

Can be applied to skin for wrinkles

Can be used to destroy acne

Used as a daily booster tonic

Can be applied to skin for skin cancer

Improves intelligence

Removes ticks & fleas from animals

Used as calming drops

Used for kids with ADD/ADHD


5 drops under tongue A.M before breakfast and 5 drops under tongue P.M before lunch

Place drops on the skin underneath the tongue

(dosage varies for kids and seniors)  ~ 3 drops

Nebulise: 5 drops in 30ml water twice a day

Eyes: 1 drop twice a day / Ears: 2 drops twice a day


Pets:  2-3 drops small, 3-5 medium, 5-10 large. Put on paw and they will lick it off

Horses:  10 drops. Rub under tongue or into mouth/gums


Canna Caps (per 30)

Pain management & healing from the gut

Improves short-term memory

Strengths #1 through to #20

#1 being the percentage per volume

Capsules are based on micro-dosing

Starts the healing process for 1200 conditions


AFTER breakfast / AFTER dinner (before 8pm). NO hot drinks for 30 mins before or after

Dosages vary with different conditions


Canna Balm 50g

Special blends mixed to blood type

Skin Conditions / Skin Cancer


Mixed with 950g/950ml coconut oil, becomes the Detox Fuel

Added to pet food for conditioning

Used for pets to fight diseases


Dosages vary with different conditions

Use concentrate on bad areas or mix 25g balm with 250g/250ml coconut oil


Canna Jello shots 5ml (also available in Xstra-strength)

Immediate pain relief

Calms a person down

Destroys toxins

Fights side effects of radiation

Fights side effects of chemo

Boosts energy

“Party time fun”

Helps with hangovers

Natural sport enhancer


Cluster headaches

Controls aggression in autistic kids


Squirt 2.5ml or 5ml into mouth when necessary


Pets:   ½ syringe (small), full syringe (large). Squirted into mouth

Horses:  2 full shots into mouth


Canna Anti-ageing Cream 50g 

Botox in a bottle


Day & Night cream


Crows feet around the eyes

Day cream

Sun protector

Softens and brightens skin



Apply small amount daily on face – moisturizer


Canna Body Rub 1000g

Rub all over your body in a shower or bath

Use as required


Canna Face Mask 100ml

Deep cleanse

Heals acne

Helps all facial skin conditions


Apply to clean skin at night, leave for a while. You can sleep with it, or wash it off


Canna Hair Mix

2-3 times per week, apply onto hair, wrap it into a towel and heat (either in the sun or with a hairdryer)

When washing off, apply neat shampoo first then rinse that off and wash as normal


Ultimate Health Pack

Consists of:

  1. Infused Canna Glycerine Drops
  2. No. 5 Capsules
  3. 3ml Pure Extract Black Oil
  4. 5 Jello shots


A personalised protocol and daily regime will be included for maximum effect


Pure Extract Oil 3ml/5ml

For all cancers and chronic dis-eases

¼ grain of rice under the tongue at bedtime, before 9pm (from the fridge). NO hot drinks afterwards


CBD Oils 50ml

Low THC %

Can be added to food, drinks or taken orally

Great for maintenance

Omega 3, 6 and 9 are included

Hemp oil base


Available in Low, Medium & High


5 Drops 3 times a day

If immune system compromised, 10 drops 3 times a day

5 drops morning, 5 drops lunch time and 5 drops evening


Vape Mix 36ml

Smoking, COPD, asthma, respiratory infections, lung cancer, anxiety … etc


Add into Vape Machine / eCig

Vape 5x times a day

Coil needs to be thick due to viscosity (Twisp works)


Canna Pet Food Mix 250g / 1000g

Liver detox

Speeds up wound healing

Ticks & fleas

Improves digestion & weight control

Anti-oxidant – combats cancer

Replenishes red blood cells

Can assist with mouth odour


(50g Concentrate available – mix with coconut oil)


Mix into pet food for ALL conditions

Syringe into mouth or onto their food daily. 2-3ml small pet, 3-5ml medium pet, 5-10ml large pet

Can also be applied to external sores and growths

Horses:  20ml in warm water and syringe into mouth



Made from the roots of the plant


No THC in it

100% natural organic capsule

Hydroponically grown

Developed to stimulate DNA, bone growth/repair


1 Capsule taken once a week

Chronic conditions – 2 capsules weekly for the first 2 weeks and 1 capsule weekly thereafter

Maintenance – 1 capsule per month


Pets:  ½ Capsule into food once a week


Spirulina (30)

Protein / anti-oxidant / Vitamin B

Detoxes heavy metals


Improves HIV/AIDS

Combats cancer

Lowers blood pressure

Reduces cholesterol

Diminishes potential of stroke

Boosts energy

Speeds up weight loss

Alleviates sinus issues


1 capsule in the morning

30 Capsules = 1 month supply


Collagen (60)

Stronger, thicker hair and nails

Clear skin

May rebuild entire organs

Strengthens arteries

Promotes weight loss via fat-burning

Restores digestive balance

Helps prevent and treat osteoporosis

Helps with autoimmune diseases

Healthy joints – also rebuilds cartilage

Prevents and smooths wrinkles

Improves arthritis (rather dramatically!)

Increases muscle mass

Helps the body form new collagen

Wonderful for a good sleep if taken before bed

Aids in regulation of hypertension

Improves chronic fatigue (improves energy levels)


1 Capsule twice a day, morning and night

60 Capsules = 1 month supply


Melatonin (60)

Natural product

For ladies hormones and for sleep


1 Capsule at bedtime

1 Bottle = 2 month supply


Turmeric/Cayenne Pepper (60)



Curcumin fights inflammation


Cancer – anti-oxidants

Digestive issues – gas, spasms

Nerve pain

Heart disease



1 capsule twice a day, morning and evening

60 Capsules = 1 month supply


Alkalizer 230g

VERY beneficial to the Ultimate Health Pack

Cancer and most dis-eases cannot survive in an Alkaline body


½ tsp in warm water morning and afternoon

Weekly PH level checks should be done

1 Tub = 3 month supply


Moringa (60)

Treats oedema

Protects liver

Treats stomach disorders

Beneficial for skin care and hair care

Acts as an antibacterial agent

Combats cancer

Treats neurodegenerative diseases

Improves bone health

Boosts immunity

Protects cardiovascular system

Treats diabetes

Treats asthma

Prevents stone formation

Protects against kidney problems

Wound healing

Reduces hypertension

Improves eye health

Treats anaemia and sickle cell disease


1 Capsule twice a day, morning and evening

60 Capsules = 1 month supply


5-HTP (90)

Helps with depression

Panic attacks


Night terrors in children

Helps improve sleep quality


1 capsule twice a day, morning and evening

1 bottle 5-HTP = 45 day course




L-Glutamine (60)

Promotes a positive nitrogen balance

Promotes digestive and brain health

Muscle growth

Weight loss

Immune boost

Athletic performance boost/recovery

Benefits leaky gut and metabolism

Heart conditions

Improves gastrointestinal health

Helps heal ulcers

Helps with memory, focus and concentration

Improves IBS and diarrhoea

Improves metabolism and cellular detoxification

Curbs cravings for sugar and alcohol

Fights cancer

Improves diabetes and blood sugar


1 Capsule twice a day, morning and night

60 Capsules = 1 month supply


Sceletium Junior/Adult 30’s

Emotional Wellness / Mood Enhancement / Anti-Depressant

Anti-Anxiety / Stress Reduction

Social Phobia

OCD Treatment

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) / Grey Weather Syndrome

Cognitive Enhancement


Sustained Concentration

Intimacy Enhancement

Pro-Sexual Aphrodisiac

Stopping Smoking / Drug Addiction / Alcoholism

Deeper Sleep

Bodywork / Endurance Athletics / Yoga / Meditation

Social Euphoriant


1 Capsule daily, in the morning


Protein Tubes 36ml

All 9 of your natural proteins for your body, in a Jello form and in the purest form

Feeding blocks to give you energy and building blocks to your DNA

With enhanced THC’s and CBD’s

–              9.3g protein, 0g fat, 10 carbs (100% whey protein)


1 Tube twice a week

Sports & Cancer patients – 1 per day


Flavours: Mango and Orange / Cappuccino


Pyridoxine Vitamin B6 (90)

To prevent or treat low levels of vitamin B6 in people who do not get enough of the vitamin from their diets

Those on a normal diet do not need extra vitamin B6

However, some conditions (such as)

–              alcoholism

–              liver diseases

–              overactive thyroid

–              heart failure

or medications (such as)

–              isoniazid

–              cycloserine

–              hydralazine

–              penicillamine)

Can cause low levels of vitamin B6.

Vitamin B6 plays an important role in the body. It is needed to maintain the health of nerves, skin, and red blood cells


It is also known to help with peripheral neuropathy, which can be caused by certain medications (such as isoniazid)

It has also been used to treat certain hereditary disorders like xanthurenic aciduria, hyperoxaluria and hunter’s syndrome


INGREDIENTS: Pyridoxine and magnesium


1 capsule in the morning, 1 capsule in the evening


Lugols Iodine 50ml

Not only does it help stimulate the Thyroid Gland but it helps with infectious diseases with its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and parasitic properties.

It boosts the immune system

Can help with:

–              oestrogen imbalances

–              ovarian cysts

–              breast

–              prostate

–              endometrial cancers

–              polycystic ovaries

–              fibrocystic breasts

–              infertility

–              mental illnesses


Great for ovarian cysts, hot flushes, premenstrual….




CAUTION: Allergy to Iodine.

*** STAINS terribly.  So watch sheets and clothes after application ***


A drop onto the wrist and rub it in (every morning)

2 drops in a little water – for internal (before eating in the morning) 

Can be applied topically to the thyroid area or to the abdominal area for the hormones



The “Mother Hormone”

Hormone balancing cream for both men and woman


–              menopause

–              oestrogen dominant symptoms

–              endometriosis

–              assists auto-immune diseases

–              allergies

–              inflammatory conditions

–              has a diuretic effect

–              regulates blood sugar levels

–              reduces fat storage

–              calming for epilepsy, seizures, migraines

–              aids sleep, counteracts anxiety, moods & stress

–              thyroid imbalances


INGREDIENT: Natural Cream, Bio-Identical Progesterone


Apply as directed



Melt – scoop some out and massage with it


INGREDIENT:  Soy, 3% per volume THC, 5 strains, essential oils



Magnesium deficiency

Signs and symptoms: Cramping, pain, sleeplessness


INGREDIENT:  Magnesium Peroxide


3 capsules per day with a glass of warm water 1 hour before food or at bed time



Congested Liver and Gall Stones



Black Walnut tincture

Peroxy drops

Epsom salts

Biral tablets


Required: Olive oil ½ cup & pink grapefruit juice 250ml



Choose a day where you can rest the following day

Take no medicine (unless chronic) or vitamins

Eat no fat at breakfast or lunch

Do not eat or drink after 14:00 on the first day of the cleanse

You may drink as much water as you like


To prepare the Epsom salts drink, dissolve the content of the container into 3 cups of water and keep it in the fridge

This makes an equivalent of 4 servings (each serving being ¾ of a cup)

18:00                     Drink the first cup of Epsom salts

20:00                     Drink the next cup of Epsom salts

21:45                     Pour ½ cup olive oil into a container.  Add ¾ cup of pink grapefruit juice, 10 drops of peroxy and walnut tincture. Close the lid and shake well

22:00                     Drink the aforementioned mixture.  Take 2 Biral tablets and lie down immediately on your back with your head on a pillow

Remain still for a period of at least 20 minutes. You may feel the stones travelling down the bile duct, with no pain

The bile ducts have been opened (dilated) by the Epsom Salts.  Go to sleep

Upon waking:   Drink the 3rd dose of Epsom Salts.  Do not take this dose before 6am

8:00                        Drink the 4th and final dose of Epsom Salts

10:00                     Drink some fruit juice and eat some fruit

Please note: You may start eating normally again from about 10:00 on day two of the cleanse, but keep to light food

Expect diarrhoea in the morning on the second day of the cleanse, and a headache might be present due to the detoxing



Kidney stones



Hydrangea root

Uva Ursi

Marshmallow root


Solidago Tincture

Ginger capsules


Vit B6

Magnesium ascorbate powder


Required: A big bunch of fresh parsley


Step1:   Take a plastic container and add 10 cups (2.5 litres) water

Add the herbs (Hydrangea root, Uva Ursi, Marshmallow root).  Let it soak for 4 hours or overnight

Step 2:  After the soaking process is complete put the mixture into a pot, bring to the boil and let it simmer for 20 minutes

Step3:   Strain the mixture, and keep the liquid in a sealed glass container in the fridge (DO NOT THROW AWAY THE HERBS)

Step 4:  Put the herbs in the freezer bag and into the freezer (to be used again at a later stage)

Step 5:  Put the bunch of parsley in a pot with 1 litre of water.  Bring to the boil and simmer for 3 minutes

Strain the liquid and put it in a sealed glass container in the fridge.  Throw away the parsley


These two liquids will last you about a week

When the parsley water is finished, repeat step 5 with a fresh branch of parsley

Take the herbs out the freezer, put it into a pot with 1.5liters of water, bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes. Repeat step 3.

(This cleanse needs to be done over a period of 15 days)

The herbs will be boiled 3 times as we want the cleanse to become weaker towards the end of the cleanse



Take a glass that holds at least 250ml liquid.  In the morning mix ¾ cup of the herb liquid and a ¼ cup of parsley together

To which you add 20 drops Solidago tincture.  Add one TBS of the Glycerine

You can drink this mixture throughout the day or split it into two doses for morning and evening


Please take the following with the mixture:


1 Ginger capsule 3 x daily with meals

1 Pyrodoxine (B6) capsule in the morning and evening with meals

1ml (¼ tsp) Magnesium Ascorbate Powder morning and evenings mixed with fruit juice



Do not drink any normal tea or coffee whilst on the cleanse as this may cause a kidney stone to form

Try avoid wheat products, fizzy drinks and refined sugars

Avoid cocoa and chocolate

Increase your daily intake of water, and eat lots of veggies and fruit



Overall health supplement



* Folic Acid

* Taurine

* Spirulina

* Moringa

* Hemp Powder

* 4 Strains CBD Sativa Bud

* Chia Powder

* Amino Acid

* Magnesium



* 1 tsp 2 x per day or 1 TBS 1 x per day

Put into your smoothie or almond milk



Chemical imbalance

Brain ‘reset’, ‘re-wire’ or ‘reboot’


Consists of:

  • L’Glutamine
  • Moringa
  • Collagen
  • Caps No. 5
  • Caps No. 12 capped with micro dosing medicinal mushrooms


HOME RESET – Instructions for use

Please turn your cell phone off and put it away.  Close computers and have nothing to do with the outside world

When taking capsules – Take them all together at one time, one after the other. No long time gaps

Make sure you have yummy snack foods and some water and cold juices nearby

Watch tv, sleep, chill, relax


Step 1:  Take the first set of capsules – in the morning – on an empty stomach.  At about 10 or 11am

Step 2:  At about 2pm take set 2

Step 3:  At about 3pm take set 3

Step 4:  At about 4pm take set 4

Step 5:  The next morning – take set 5 – before 9am


Things to remember: Cold fruit juice will help bring you “down”. Listen to your body.


Please note:

Some may require stronger dosages, depending on the pharmaceuticals they are on.  This would require a supervised reset



Apply as necessary to sooth the lips



Use as necessary to wash & moisturise body



Some Natural alternatives

Cholesterol and Statins:

If very bad – stay on your meds for a while and then slowly wean down and onto the following:-

If not too bad – stop the statins and start the following:

  • Our infused drops help
  • Our jello shots help
  • Rychol – dischem
  • Lipiscript – Medford range
  • Gugul – Himalayan range
  • Red Rice Extract
  • Vessel Care – Metagenics



  • Our system helps
  • Moringa – 1 capsule every morning and evening


HRT and hot flushes –

  • Estovera – Metagenics
  • Hot Flush – Vogel
  • Buy Black Cohosh and/or Volgar Hot Flush from your local Pharmacy


Turmeric and Cayenne pepper can be added to detox fuel


Statins – we recommend people come off them straight away if your cholesterol is not chronic.

They are toxic and one of the worst pharmaceuticals for the human body.   Research is showing that only 5%

of people taking them are actually prevented from having a heart attack because a heart attack is caused by

inflammation not cholesterol.  Statins have absolutely zero impact on post-menopausal women.


Cortisone and prednisone = same thing. For some reason they create toxic warfare with cannabinoids and we

have had clients that have dragged their feet to come off them and treatment progresses very slowly – then

when they stop the cortisone, things speed up and true healing takes place. Best to come off them before starting

the protocol.


Methotrexate – it is a form of chemotherapy so people are just causing more harm than good using this drug.

That is why we encourage them to come off it – think about how many people are on it who do NOT have cancer?


Morphine – The other drug that does not interact with cannabinoids is morphine – it is to be avoided when on

cannabinoids.  The wean can be slow with low doses of cannabinoids.  Or immediate transfer from morphine to

cannabinoids, with a high dosage.


Heart conditions:  Abana from the Himalayan range is good.  Alglutamine is great


Weaning your-self off anti-rejection drugs must be done slowly and can take up to 12 months


Pregnant –  No detox fuel for you otherwise you will get the runs



The Cannabis Oil Research Team



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