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Traditional & Alternative Healers join forces with Medicinal Cannabis to create 1 500 free online shop Agencies.



An online shop is being opened where all South Africans can get help with buying natural healing remedies for their problems. Everything from Grandmas old remedies to modern day Medicinal Cannabis.


A Direct Sales Agent (DSA) is being appointed absolutely FREE in EVERY area – over 1 500 of them. They will be trained to give advice on what products to use on everything from Acne to serious illnesses with their customers ordering via the online shop.


There is also a fantastic opportunity for 150 suitable applicants to become Sole Agents for a major area who will look after and supply groups of DSA’s there.


Lastly, The Cannabis Institute is offering even more online courses from Growing right through to Pharmacist Assistant and more.



Everyone start here with a quick OVERVIEW:




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Now we need to appoint a Sole Agent in each main area to look after and supply the online shop Agents there.


You can start on a part-time basis with a ready-made sales team.


We have over 170 products and you need as little as R29 900 to secure an Agency worth almost R150 000.


We have produced 2 short videos describing how these unique opportunities will work, plus a short video introduction to the products:


Sole Agents Profits:


The Opportunity and Cost:


The Products:


Next step is to ask any questions (contact or complete the Application Form HERE



The Cannabis Institute is giving away over R1 500 000 in courses and bursaries. For full information contact

Cannabis Oil Research


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