Distributors will soon be appointed right across South Africa.

Applicants must be 25 or older, have R97 750 capital readily available and a passion for healing.

Both part-time and full-time positions are available. Ideal for retired pensioners too.


We have too many requests from potential distributors to attend presentations at the moment.  We need 88 in the next few weeks, so to simplify matters we have produced 6 short videos describing this unique opportunity and all that is involved:


1. A quick overview https://youtu.be/1a1dUo1OKvs


2. How Cannabinoids work https://youtu.be/fZmgpELfl0k


3. The Products  https://youtu.be/5haIvHmSeCo


4. The Profits https://youtu.be/9WnCoqt1lO0


5. The Cost https://youtu.be/6YYP0S3tCwU


6. 20k Sub-Agents Opportunity https://youtu.be/AUeTx2ETbcQ


Please contact me with any questions after you have viewed all 6 and we can take it to the next step.


Please also look at our website www.CannabisOilResearch.com


To view the available areas, please click HERE


For further information please contact editor@cannabisoilresearch.com or call +27 (0)82-3256-889